About us

New Hope Christian Academy was founded by Pastor Leo Bracken and his wife Joan Bracken more than 25 years ago. The school has been blessed with some incredible faculty and staff members including the current roster.

Our smaller classroom environment allows us to break down our grades down into learning centers: Kindergarten learning, ELC 1 (elementary lower grade center), ELC 2 (elementary upper grade center), and ELC 3 (6th grade – 8th grade).  We currently offer art as an extra-curricular class and music and physical education are infused by the core teachers.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to reaching children for Christ, grounding them in the faith and sending them out as well-trained Christian leaders of tomorrow.


Pastor Leo Bracken

Head Administrator

Joan Bracken


ULC 3 Supervisor

Amy Benton


ULC 2 Supervisor

Etha Pate

K4 – K5 Supervisor

Laurie McIntyre

Administrative Assistant

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